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Navin's realisation

Suddenly, Navin was aware of the education and campaigns around not smoking. Now he's quit, he's healthy and he's made it through the first few weeks!

I have been smoking for 25 years, starting at 20 and have not tried to quit, not even once although I maybe thought about it but never made it past 2 to 3 days.

I have been consoling myself that I am not a serious addict as I smoke 6 to 7 sticks a day but almost never at home or family holidays (10 days of not smoking on my last holiday to Kashmír). But I always restart by giving the normal excuse that I would only smoke 1 a day which then goes to 3 at times of stress and before you know it back to normal routine.

Now to my quitting story, For me, this time various things worked. Firstly Peer pressure, been noticing that smoking friends are getting reduced day by day. Secondly the no smoking campaigns in cinemas, TV and pictures on the smoke pack kept the message alive somewhere inside me and finally when I returned from one of the conference coughing and wheezing due to excessive smoking and drinking which resulted in a mandatory break of 4 days made me resolve to continue the non smoking.

I had the normal misgivings about weight gain and cravings as I went cold turkey.  I am jogging and walking every day. I have not lost any weight but more importantly haven't gained either. At the end of the day I crave for smokes so I am taking to one small drink and nursing it for 30 mins, know fully well that this is not the solution but will try something else after going past 30 day mark.

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