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Santosh succeeded!

Santosh has stayed away from the cigarettes, and he's a true daredevil!

I am very happy to say that, at last, I did it.

Suffering from blood pressure, gastric problem, knee pain, weakness, shortness of breathing etc gave me a hint that there is no way except stay away from smoking so that your health will improve. Fear of disease and death also motivated me to quit.

Three weeks have passed without smoking. It's wonderful. Yes, I did it. Unbelievable, but it is true. I would like to say one thing - Smokers are brave people except quitting smoking they can do anything and nothing is impossible to them. They love others and are not selfish. I hope if all smokers quit smoking, the world will be more beautiful and joyful.

I kicked away the evil that mismanaged me for the last 26 years. It is not easy but easy if you take strong decision. Are you ready to quit? Go ahead, nothing is impossible for smokers - the daredevils.

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