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Will shares his quitting story

Quitting isn't easy, we can face cravings, triggers and withdrawal symptoms. But with the right help, we can make it through!

I am 33 and have been smoking for 18 years.

Seven days ago I had an attack at work. I initially thought it was a heart attack, but now think it is likely to be an anxiety or panic attack. I was driving to work two days later and whilst smoking had similar symptoms and was hospitalised.

I had not smoked for five days, and the anxiety was overloading me. I felt like one of those drug addicts locked in a room!

Today I went to the doctor and he suggested a weak patch level 3, as I had done a fair detox I could cut in on the ramp down plan. I put the patch on this morning and feel like a normal human again.

The habit i.e hand to mouth or smoking after meals hasn't got me, but definitely the physical effect. Maybe not for everyone, but a great help to me. Hope it helps, I will update when I have been off them for a month!


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