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Sponge & Quite a difference: Geotargeting campaign 2022 toolkit

This toolkit contains tools and resources for the six LGAs participating in Quit’s geotargeting campaign. The aim of this toolkit is to help participating LGAs amplify Quit’s public education campaign, ‘Sponge’ supported by ‘Quite a Difference’, in their communities with unique supportive messages during the campaign period: 22 May to 02 July 2022.


On Sunday 22 May 2022, Quit launched its Victoria-wide Sponge campaign, supported by Quite a Difference. Sponge raises awareness of the negative impact of smoking on the lungs. Quite a Difference highlights how Quitline (13 7848) can help support people throughout their journey to quit smoking. The campaign will run across television, radio and digital platforms until Saturday 2 July 2022.

Quit is aiming to partner with community health promotion teams, local government social/health planners, community leaders, health professionals, and the local media to enhance the effects of Quit’s state-wide anti-smoking campaigns. To do this, several LGAs have been selected for this geotargeted campaign where large numbers of people who smoke live. Quit is aiming to provide extra support to these people by delivering targeted supportive messages in these locations. The local community are invited to help deliver and endorse these messages which aim to reframe quitting smoking as a journey and to emphasise that quitting takes practice and support from others. The geotargeted activities will target both people who smoke aged 25-59 years and their families and friends.

For more information on this geotargeting campaign please contact Amanda Low, Healthy Communities Coordinator at



When you inhale cigarette smoke, your lungs absorb cancer producing tar. The day you quit smoking your lungs start to clean themselves. Every day without cigarettes is doing you good. 

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. Within three months, your lungs’ natural cleaning system is recovering, becoming better at removing mucus and tar from your lungs. For the best chance of stopping smoking for good:

Visit the Victorian state-wide campaign landing page: Quit is here to help.


Additional key messages for people who smoke and their friends and family, exclusively for the campaign's six geotarget LGAs.

For people who smoke:

  • Don't let a slip up stop you. If you've had a smoke, it doesn't mean you're back to being a smoker. Keep up your quitting journey to break free from smoking.

  • To get you through cravings remember the 4Ds: Delay, Deep breathe, Drink water, Do something else.

  • You’ll have the best chance of quitting for good if you talk to your doctor for stop smoking medications, and contact Quitline. Quitline counsellors will find strategies that work for you.

For friends and family:

  • Quitting smoking is a journey and every attempt is a step in the right direction.

  • Quitting takes practice. Every attempt helps develop the skills needed to quit for good. Every try counts.

  • Your understanding and care can make a big difference when your loved one is quitting. It’s the best way to show them they can lean on you when the going gets tough.

Visit the Victorian geotargeting campaign landing page: Breaking free from smoking: a guide for you and your loved ones.


You can help amplify the campaign in your community:

  • Throughout the campaign period 22 May to 02 July 2022, promote the unique geotargeting content on your social media channels by using the tailored campaign assets and case studies provided below

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share the state-wide campaign posts which will run over the campaign period 22 May to 02 July 2022

  • Remember to tag us on Facebook and Twitter: @quitvic and LinkedIn: @quit-victoria.


By sharing these unique geotargeted campaign assets and messages with your communities, you can help us reduce smoking rates and save lives. Click your LGA below to download a .zip folder (via Hightail) containing: 'how to use these assets' table; unique social media tiles and posts, banners for your social channels; campaign poster; sample newsletter content; tailored media release; email signature banner.

You can also download a videoconferencing background here (.png file).


Share these case studies on your blog, social media channels, newsletters, or TV screens. Enable captions in YouTube to display without sound:

David’s story

Janine’s story

Brad’s story

Sue’s story


Use these ideas to inspire ways to engage your community:

  • Invite community stories and run a competition: invite local community members to share their story of their journey to quitting smoking, or how they helped a friend or family member to quit. Share these stories on social media, with small prizes provided for the stories that are most liked or shared, or randomly drawn. Put out a media release to local news media highlighting the stories of prize winners and inviting interviews and photo opportunities. 

  • Create and promote localised hashtags: e.g., #HumeQuitsSmoking, #SmokefreeMildura, #CaseySupportsQuitting.

  • Develop a campaign-related blog or newsletter article series and include regularly throughout the campaign in existing newsletters or blogs targeted at local community settings, groups or stakeholders.

  • Recruit local campaign ambassadors and/or community groups and support them to promote the campaign.

  • Run a photo campaign: encourage local community members to take a photo of themselves with a campaign sign, e.g., a localised hashtag such as #MilduraSupportsQuitting, and post it on social media.

  • Support and promote local quitting-related activities: a Quit-themed AFL football or basketball round, activities marking World No Tobacco Day held on 31 May, a Quit themed community event.

  • Hold an event: e.g., hold a morning tea for local campaign ambassadors and/or local community members that have shared their stories of quitting, invite a prominent guest speaker and invite local media to attend.

  • Organise and implement out of home advertising: e.g., provide campaign posters and/or collateral to local settings such as cafes and entertainment venues; stage a flash mob of volunteers that spell the word “Quit” and have it photographed from the air and published in local news media; seek advertising opportunities at council-run facilities, programs and events.


Community leaders are in an ideal position to champion the campaign in their community. Community leaders can spread the key messages and encourage organisations, groups and members within their community to engage with the campaign. We have developed speaking notes to help community leaders do this, designed for use when speaking with local media or at community events. Click this link to download Speaking notes (PDF).


If you have any feedback or concerns relating to the Sponge or Quite a Difference television advertisements, please call 03 9514 6834 and leave your name and contact number. Quit will return your call as soon as possible.


We have information in Arabic, Mandarin and Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese, and a Quitline counsellor can speak with people in these languages through an interpreter service:

To arrange to speak with a Quitline counsellor in:

  • Arabic through an interpreter, please call 03 9514 6793 and follow the instructions.

  • Mandarin through an interpreter, please call 03 9514 6791 and follow the instructions.

  • Vietnamese through an interpreter, please call 03 9514 6794 and follow the instructions.


Click the link to download Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

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