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How Dave quit smoking

Dave smoked for over 20 years, it became a part of his daily routine and habits. But when Dave and his partner decided to have a family, it spurred him on to quit, not just for him but for his daughter. Dave shares with us his tips for quitting, such as using stop smoking medication and how it's helped him to stay smokefree.

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Free counselling to help you stop smoking

Quitline counsellors are trained to help you find your reasons to quit and the methods most likely to work for you. They can offer personalised advice or simply answer general questions about quitting.

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Tips and Tactics

See tips and tactics that helped others stop smoking

Where do you begin? What are some quitting methods? What are some useful tips to know? Explore a range of tips and tactics to find the ones that could work for you and your lifestyle.

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Build a plan

Build your own quit plan

What could be your approach to stopping smoking? Use the Build Your Plan tool to work out, step-by-step, a stop-smoking plan specific to you and your lifestyle. Select the methods and tactics that will work best for you.

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Dave's experience in numbers:

Number of Days Smoke-Free
Strategies Used
Staying quit

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There are a range of support options available to help you quit.

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