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Mythbusting: "Roll-your-own cigarettes are less harmful."

In fact, roll-your-own cigarettes are at least as harmful as factory-made cigarettes. Let's take a look.

"Roll-your-own” cigarettes or "rollies" are becoming more popular, especially with young people.

This might be because cigarette companies are promoting them heavily. They also cleverly reduce the size of roll-your-own packs so that they seem cheaper than factory-made cigarettes. 

Some smokers mistakenly believe that roll-your-own tobacco is more “natural” and does not contain the additives that factory-made cigarettes do. This means that some smokers believe roll-your-own cigarettes are less harmful. This is not true!

When it comes to rollies, it's important to know:

  • Tobacco companies add similar chemicals to roll-your-own tobacco as they do factory-made cigarettes, often in higher amounts!
  • Most of the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke come from burning the tobacco. This includes carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar and many other disease-causing substances. 

Research suggests that roll-your-own is at least as harmful – and possibly more harmful – than factory-made cigarettes.

For more information about roll-your-own cigarettes, or if you're thinking of quitting, chat to one of our friendly Quit Specialists. Or request a Quitline callback.

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