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Opinion piece by Dr Sarah White, Quit Victoria Director

Clinical trials have shown that combining behaviour change coaching provided by Quitline with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or a stop smoking drug significantly increases successful quitting. However, only one in five Victorian smokers who tries to quit uses this proven approach.


Posted 25 Jul, 2018

20+ health and community orgs sign on to 'virtually eliminate' smoking

More than 20 leading health and community groups have united to commit to reducing Victoria’s daily smoking rate and they’re urging other organisations including all political parties to get on board.

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Posted 18 Jul, 2018

Australians in the dark about many smoking-related health dangers, study reveals

New research from Cancer Council Victoria shows that fewer than one in three smokers knew serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes, ectopic pregnancies, acute leukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis were associated with smoking cigarettes.

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Posted 8 Jul, 2018

Latrobe Valley's Pitch to Quit winner star of digital anti-smoking campaign launching next week

'It's Time', the winning entrant of the Pitch to Quit competition will be running across digital advertising platforms targeting smokers in Eastern Victoria and Gippsland encouraging them to go smoke-free.

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Posted 3 Jul, 2018

Smokefree workplaces reduce risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 46%: new study

Study finds people protected from secondhand smoke in workplaces, bars and restaurants had fewer heart attacks and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Posted 26 Jun, 2018

Signs of a stranglehold? Calls for action on tobacco retail

Evidence is mounting mounting that Big Tobacco is exploiting the Australian retail sector in its entirety, Dr White calls for a complete overhaul of the sector.

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Posted 25 Jun, 2018

Up in smoke: Tobacco costs Vic economy $3.7 billion each year

New figures show Victorian businesses bear 43% of the tangible social costs of smoking.

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Posted 18 Jun, 2018

Big tobacco buying influence through political donations

Public health should not be undermined by tobacco companies making political donations in an attempt to buy influence and increase profits, Quit Victoria says.

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Posted 8 Jun, 2018

Powerful new anti-smoking campaign highlights reality of smoking and stroke

An emotional anti-smoking campaign highlights the link between smoking and risk of stroke. As many as 80% of strokes may be prevented through lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking.

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Posted 30 May, 2018

Quit Victoria & The Long Walk sponsor 'We Walk Together'

Quit Victoria and its Aboriginal Quitline service are once again partnering with The Long Walk to sponsor the ‘We Walk Together’ event on Saturday 2nd June 2018 to drive better health outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians.

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Posted 27 May, 2018

Free training for pharmacists to help Victorians quit smoking

Quit Victoria partner with the PSA to offer free training workshops for pharmacists to help their customers quit.

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Posted 27 May, 2018

Smoking kills Victorians as young as 30: new report

New statistics show dozens of people are dying in their 30s and 40s from smoking-related health problems.

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Posted 7 May, 2018

Australian smokers and ex-smokers wanted for a ground-breaking international study

Researchers from Cancer Council Victoria and Queen Mary University of London are on the hunt for smokers and ex-smokers to take part in a first of its kind study into how to help people stay quit for good.

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Posted 15 Apr, 2018

2 in 3 young Victorians wrongly think social smoking is ok: survey

A new report has found two in three young Victorians mistakenly believe occasional or social smoking is not very harmful, prompting alarm bells from public health experts.

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Posted 19 Mar, 2018