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Using the Quitline Referral Sheet for ZedMed

Quitline’s Fax Referral Sheet form is now available as a digital template and is compatible with Zedmed Clinical’s WP letter writer. Once imported into Zedmed Clinical, the digital template can be used several ways including the being sent via secure messaging with Argus, or printed for faxing.

WARNING: do not open the digital template file (*.rtf) with any word processing software before importing; doing so will damage the template format and will require you to repeat the file download procedure.

The following steps outline how to configure and set up the Quitline Referral Sheet into Zedmed Clinical’s WP letter writer, as well as how to add the Quitline Victoria Argus address.  These steps will only need to be done once.

Step 1: Downloading the digital template

  1. Download the Quitline Referral Sheet for ZedMed Clinical here
  2. To download and save the digital template file, right-mouse click Quitline Fax Referral Sheet for Zedmed Clinical, select Save Target As, choose a convenient location, e.g. Desktop, and select Save button, the file Quitline Fax Referral Sheet (ZM Digital Template-DO NOT OPEN).rtf will be saved to your computer 

Step 2: Importing the digital template

1. Open and log into Zedmed Clinical
2. To open WP letter writer, select Tools > Clinical WP Setup > WP Templates (from either the main menu or within the patient file)

3. To import the digital template file, select File > Import Template… (from the menu), select the location you saved the digital template file, e.g. Desktop, and select Quitline Fax Referral Sheet (ZM Digital Template-DO NOT OPEN).rtf digital template file, and select Open button, this will display the digital template

WARNING: do not modify any part of the digital template file (*.rtf) at any time; doing so may damage the template format and will require you to repeat the file importing procedure.

4. To save the digital template in WP letter writer, under Description:, type Quitline Fax Referral Sheet, select OK button, and select Close

Step 3: Adding Argus users to your Argus address book

Anyone you wish to send messages to using Argus must be in your Argus Address Book.

1. Open Argus Address Manager V6 and Login. (Default username is argus and default password is argus)
2. Click on ‘Add Addresses’

3. Type under the search options ‘Practice or Practitioner Name” – Quit Victoria. Select ‘Search the Human Services Directory’

4. Click in the checkbox next to the Site Name ‘Quit Victoria’

5. Click on ‘Add selected entries to Address Book’. The following screen should display

6. Click on Return to Addresses to go back to the Argus Address Manager

7. Browse to the entry for the Practitioner, copy the ‘Argus email’ address to your clipboard or click on the ‘Copy email’ link to enable you to paste the email into Zedmed

Step 4: Adding Quit Victoria Argus Address to Zedmed

1. Open Zedmed address book.

2. Search for Quit Victoria in your address book.  If Quit Victoria is a new addressee click on ‘Add New’

3. Click on the magnifying glass next to the ‘Esend address’ field.

4. In the Esend Email Search screen click on Add new and paste Quit Victoria’s Argus email address in the Esend Email Address box or type Put Quit Victoria in the Owner box, and click ‘ok’ and the ‘ok’.

5. Change the Esend method to Argus and set the preferred delivery method to ‘Email only’ or ‘Hardcopy Letter & email’.  Fill in the other fields and click ‘ok’. 

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