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Electronic cigarettes

Research relevant to the potential impacts of electronic cigarettes on public health is continuing to evolve including in areas such as safety of the product, cessation efficacy and trends in awareness and use. However, there is concerning increase in the number of children and young adults starting to vape. This increase in vaping threatens to undo decades of success in helping Victorians live healthy lives free from nicotine addiction.

A medical practitioner can prescribe a nicotine vaping product for use in a smoking cessation attempt. However, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) recommends nicotine vaping products should only be used when proven cessation supports have not been successful given there are no nicotine vaping products that have been assessed as being effective, safe and of high quality.
Read the Quit and Heart Foundation position statement on smoking cessation

  1. Introduce a retail licensing scheme for retailers of cigarettes and e-cigarettes to enable effective enforcement of laws banning sales to children (both of tobacco and e-cigarettes) and the sale of illicit tobacco. There is a concerning increase in e-cigarette uptake by children. This is partly being driven by unscrupulous retailers who are knowingly breaking the law. The introduction of a retail licensing scheme will enable more effective enforcement and act as a deterrent to retailers considering selling tobacco and e-cigarette products to children.

  2. Prohibit online advertising and promotion of electronic cigarettes, consistent with tobacco advertising prohibitions. Electronic cigarettes are being aggressively promoted, with young people and children clearly identified as a target market. Electronic cigarette advertising should be subject to similar restrictions as tobacco products. This change needs to happen as part of the revision of federal laws.

  3. Increase funding for public education campaigns back to evidence-based levels to reduce smoking and vaping initiation and to help Victorians quit. We know that public education campaigns are effective in deterring initiation of smoking and vaping. Campaigns designed for adults work on both children and adults. We need to make sure that all Victorians are exposed to anti-smoking and anti-vaping campaigns at levels proven to be effective. 

    For information on e-cigarettes read: e-cigarettes: general information.
    For information on teen vaping read: e-cigarettes and teens: what you need to know.

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