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Sporting clubs: Tools and resources

Quit has a range of resources to prepare and help your club to go smokefree.

Once your club’s smokefree bans have started it is important to raise awareness of the new policy. This can be done with the signage, brochures, posters as well as a sample media release.

Fact sheets

Sample documents

Sample posters

The following poster templates can be printed and modified with your clubs’ details to communicate your smokefree policy

[Club name] is proud to be smokefree – A4 poster template

[Club name] is proud to be smokefree – A3 poster template

Today's event is smokefree – A4 poster

Today's event is smokefree – A3 poster

This area is smokefree poster – landscape

This area is smokefree poster – portrait

Resources available from the Department of Health

Signs, posters and booklets can be ordered via an online order form on the Victorian Department of Health’s Tobacco Reforms website. Fact sheets are also available in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese

No smoking signs can be ordered by emailing

If clubs wish to implement their own total ban on smoking, a standard no smoking sign (without reference to the Tobacco Act 1987 and 'penalties may apply') in a Word or PDF format is available by contacting

Children’s area specific resources including signs, brochures, posters, palm cards and fact sheets are also available for download on the Victorian Department of Health’s Tobacco Reforms website. Fact sheets are also available in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Dari, Karen and Vietnamese.

Suggested Resources

Why sporting clubs should go smokefree

Tobacco and sport don’t mix. Going smoke free is one of the healthiest messages a sporting club can share with its community. Outdoor smokefree areas make smoking less visible and less socially acceptable and provide a healthy family friendly environment.

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How to create a smokefree sports club

This section provides information and guidelines to develop and implement a totally smokefree policy for your club.

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