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I'm nervous about quitting again

Trying to quitting smoking or vaping can feel challenging. It can take practise, and gets easier each time you do it. Here are some motivational tips to remind you that you're stronger than ever.

Congratulations for giving quitting another go. It takes real courage to try again. Each time you stop smoking or vaping, you learn a little bit more about yourself and you get a little bit better at it.

Here are ideas to try:

  • Give yourself time to plan and prepare: set a quit date for a week or so away.

  • Try a smoke or vape-free day: a good way to ease back into quitting.

  • Talk to your GP or pharmacist. They can advise if any medications are appropriate to help you stop smoking and/or vaping.

  • Call Quitline or request a call back– they will listen to you about your recent go at quitting, and can talk to you about trying something different next time.

6 reasons you‘re stronger this time

  1. Just being here means you’re considering quitting again. It shows real strength of character to take this step again. 

  2. You will have learnt things about yourself and your smoking or vaping from your last quit attempt that you can use this time. For example, what caused you to smoke or vape again? Can you avoid those situations this time? 

  3. You don’t have to do it alone – our Quitline (13 7848) counsellors can help you all the way along. Did you use Quitline last time? If not, give us a go. If you did, make contact again. We’d love to hear from you.    

  4. You don’t have to rely on willpower alone – your GP is an excellent source of support and can discuss ways to help you manage any feelings of withdrawal.

  5. Get tips from people who have quit by browsing our 'ex-smokers' stories. Even if you're quitting vaping (not smoking) their stories can be a huge source of motivation, inspiration and advice!

  6. Because you still have a good reason – whether it's financial, health or family reasons – this reason is unlikely to go away. So keep it in your mind whenever you need a motivation boost.  

Karen's story

Karen tried to stop smoking many times before she found the method that worked best for her. Watch Karen talk about how she stopped smoking and hear from others at Confidence to Quit.

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Last updated February 2024.

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